• Loved your music!

  • I am so delighted to write a review for Avalanche! I first heard
    their uplifting music when they were performing locally. I knew they could
    add so much joy to our upcoming wedding celebration. I just didn't know how
    much!! I bought their CDs and then listened to so much of their music samples
    online as well. Avalanche offers music from so many genres. They play
    everything from classics to contemporary! After contacting them to arrange
    our wedding play date, they even learned a new song just for our asking and
    choice needs. The planning and details were simple. As a very professional
    musical duo, they had very few needs which allowed us to focus on other sweet
    details of our evening. On the eve of our wedding, they arrived like humble
    sweet guests and then quickly transformed the entire evening with their
    musical talent! At one point my new bride and I took a short walk outside our
    venue just to listen to how perfect the evening was going and how sweet the
    music. The musical talents of these two brought tears, laughter and dancing
    to our most special day ever! Thank you Liz and Don

    Lori 12/22/13 Private home, Napa CA